Lindy Hop, Blues, Balboa, Main event band

Exclusive nonet, All you can dream of when booking your main event live music! Heaviest big band hits, spiced up with impressive vocal features, great musician skills and infectiously joyful energy are a our recipe for an unforgettable night!

SwingHouse Orchestra

Lindy Hop, Blues, Balboa, Main event band

Eight musicians, four horns, five years of experience with swing festivals all around Europe. Do you want musicality classes? Do you want a parade through the city? Do you want the whole ballroom to dance ferociously all through the night? Ten they are the right choice!

Heart Of Dixie

Lindy Hop, Balboa

The most you can get from a swing quartet. Roaring sound of saxophone with swinging shouts of accordion create a really fulsome experience! All the perks of small band are elevated by "big band" arrangements getting surprisingly close to your favourite Count Basie recordings.

Hot Brew!

Lindy Hop, Balboa, Main event band

"Dudes, The Dudes.." Remember The Big Lebowski? Remember the Dude? In the same manner you could describe a bunch of people called The Dudes of Ellington. Calm and chill guys who can easily create spectatular and tasteful blends of swing, balboa and blues (not to be mistaken with the White Russian drink).

The Dudes Of Ellington

& His Clumsy Fingers - Blues and blues only!

Guaranteed to break the ice at naughty parties. They celebrate old blues as well as their own imperfections. Songs from Chicago all the way down to Mississippi Delta with extra portion of that sweet sweet clumsiness. 

Prime Minister Benny

Live streaming platform

The lovechild of workaholic flatmates and a corona lockdown. What started as small streamed concerts from a living room is now a mobile, semiDIY production for recording and streaming concerts of many genres with broad international audience and active and supportive community of fans and followers.