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Ma Records - a new label is born!

Aktualizováno: 30. 3. 2021

At the close of last year, new label Ma Records began its activities by publishing Anchors & Hearts, a new double album by Pavel Zlámal and his quartet, PQ. The label has several further releases planned for 2021, the first of which is a virtual EP by the group KIN (Turcerová, Szabó, Švejnar). The record is out on the 5th of February, but you can listen to the first single here.


Ma Records is an independent label focusing on jazz, improvised and experimental music.


Ma Records represents a community of Czech musicians active in this field of music.


In recent years, a community has come together in the Czech Republic, a community of artists making creative music outside of clearly identifiable genres and categories. A kind of music which no Czech label has made its primary focus – until now. Through the new label, we will introduce this music to listeners at home and abroad, spreading awareness of a scene in whose potential we deeply believe.


In addition to the usual streaming services, our central digital distribution platform is Bandcamp, and in some cases, the albums also come out on physical formats. To receive updates from Ma Records, follow us on Bandcamp and Facebook or get in touch at


Ma is a concept connecting time and space taken from Japanese aesthetics, philosophy and art. Ma is an interval or space in which something new is born of pure energy. It can be the silence between two notes. We see Ma as a potential for free, intuitive and authentic artistic expression and as a space for creation between established forms and genres.

KIN's new album

The Czecho-Slovak group KIN (as in family; clan), composed of Štefan Szabó (electric guitar), Michaela Turcerová (alto saxophone) and Jakub Švejnar (drums and percussion) presents weirdo, a single from their upcoming eponymous EP. Recorded at the studio of the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, it captures the trio as they deconstruct established methods and search for new concepts in composition and improvisation.

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