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SwingHouse strikes during the lockdown!

In case you missed it, here I am writing about our crazy startup - SwingHouse streaming project. It started as three musicians who happened to live together and have a rehearsal studio in the living room. When the Covid-19 caused lockdown started in the Czech Republic they immediately started streaming live swing every night from our living room for our community in Brno, CZ, but also for our international friends. Our project evolved and got technologically more advanced and culturally more diverse. Right now the project counts at 60 aired episodes with roughly 40+ musicians involved and hundreds of thousands watched minutes of our material. If you scroll trough the program, you can find not only swing music, but also blues, funky, 80's pop music, jazz, folklore, classical and way more.

For me, the most special night was the first one with live audience. It started as a fun idea, to recreate some tunes from Joe Williams/Count Basie recording - Everyday I Have The Blues. But as I was writing the arrangements, the score grew to a nonet with full rhythm and horn section + accordion. Everybody learned their parts and came together to our first public concert (and first time in CZ for Štěpa!) after the lockdown - and the atmosphere was really magical! Here are a few videos from that night!

You can check the whole program here:

We are still streaming time after time, consider subscribing and following, if you find it interesting! #gettingreadyforsecondwave

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