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A great trio with giant ability to atmosphere making. They will take you to totally other world with their compositions, melody and harmony. If you have any chance to see them live, you won't regret!” - Kacper Herba, Piec’Art

Treetop is a trio of Berlin-based accordionist Vojta Drnek, Prague-based trombonist Richard Šanda and Bratislava-based bass player Michal Šelep. The unusual setting is the result of a unique synergy and musical and personal understanding between the three musical personalities. They inspire each other and the cooperation between the three "leaders" is very natural and fluid. Their diverse repertoire reflects many aspects of Treetop’s musical journey, spanning from jazz influences or folklore inspiration to contemporary musical concepts, enabling them to explore the unknown potential of this unusual instrumentation.

Accordion - Vojta Drnek
Trombone - Richard Šanda (

Double bass - Michal Šelep (

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Evil Joe

Evil Joe is a band with a distinctive soundscape, a collective venture of Edith Steyer on saxophone and clarinet, Vojta Drnek on accordion, and Kellen Mills on bass and effects. Their music is an intricate dance of improvised musical fragments and ideas, characterized by avoiding the expected and embracing the unknown. With a rich tapestry of international experiences and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of their instruments, Evil Joe invites audiences into a world where each performance is a spontaneous exploration, evoking a sense of raw, unscripted artistry.

Reeds - Edith Steyer

Prepared Accordion - Vojta Drnek

Bass & Effects - Kellen Mills

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There is no long-standing tradition of a free jazz trio featuring accordion, bass, and drums. OBSiDiAN, however, makes you feel as if like there was, and that they are building on it with great respect and also an infectious joy and love for collective music-making. Energetic and groovy passages are interwoven with deep and meditative soundscapes, constructed with unique and weird sounds of prepared accordion of Vojta Drnek, gentle, yet explosive drums of Jan Leipnitz and the vast range of expression of Isabel Rößler's bass.

Vojta Drnek – prepared accordion

Isabel Rößler – acoustic bass

Jan Leipnitz – drums

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Hot Brew

Four musicians from Czech Republic and Brazil, all active at the european jazz scene with a special place for swing music in their hearts. With their joyful energy and style, you won't be able to keep your feet steady, as they present you the best of 30's and 40's swing era! Music you know and love, music of Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Chick Webb and many more!

Saxophone - Štěpán Flagar

Accordion/voice - Vojta Drnek

Guitar - Jan Lacina

Double bass - Luan Gonçalves

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With extended techniques and preparations, Vojta Drnek is able to make the accordion sound like nothing you've heard before. Raw expression, free of forms and conventions, pure improvised music

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Take Your Suede Shoes Off When In Bed

Two wandering souls drawing their inspiration in the deep love for (not only) jazz music ​and for the truth and authenticity in the creative process. Get ready for Jazz standards in their purest forms, spicy accordion chords with a mellow and emotional vocals. 

Vocals - Michaela Bóková

Accordion/Vocals - Vojta Drnek


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Swing House Orchestra

This ​exclusive nonet emerged from our crazy quarantine ideas. Full unreduced Count Basie Orchestra big band arrangements played by three horns and an accordion with soulful, moving and irresistible bluesy vocals.

Vocals - Janek Čarek

Trumpet - Michal Cálik

Saxophone - Štěpán Flagar

Trombone - Jan Galia

Accordion/Vocals - Vojta Drnek

Piano - Čeněk Kraut

Guitar - Jan Lacina

Double bass - Luan Gonçalves

Drums - Adam Sikora

The JazzCake

Kapelu JazzCake založili její současní členové - ještě jako spolužáci na Janáčkově konzervatoři v Ostravě. Hraje převážně swingovou hudbu v modernějších aranžích, stylový vokální jazz. Hudba The JazzCake se hodí k poslechu i tanci, ať už jde o swingovou tančírnu, svatbu, či klubové vystoupení.

Radek Melša - zpěv

Jan Lacina - kytara

Vojta Drnek - akordeon

Janek Andrýsek - bicí

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Vokální soubor Noach se věnuje interpretaci hebrejských písní. Těžištěm jsou písně chasidských židů. Noach pracuje pod vedením doc. Tomáše Novotného, odborníka na židovskou hudbu, který je známý kromě jiného jako zakladatel a vedoucí dívčího vokálního souboru Adash.

Tomáš Novotný, Leoš Ryška, Lukáš Zielina, Peter Galvas, Vít Sommer, Jan Sieber, Daniel Ševčík, Jiří Friml, Václav Moravec, Jaroslav Krupa, Vojta Drnek, Brett Grey - zpěv

Ráchel Polohová - klarinet

Anežka Gebauerová - akordeon

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